A Nip, A Tuck, And A Vacation To Boot–Cosmetic Surgery In Paradise

A Nip, A Tuck, And A Vacation To Boot–Cosmetic Surgery In Paradise

“In considering the options for plastic surgery outside U.S. borders,” writes Correspondent Sol Maria Tuya, “my priorities, of course, were expertise and safety. I had the same concerns, I’m sure, as would anyone thinking about traveling to South America in search of professional, safe, and well-priced medical or cosmetic surgery.

“I requested many recommendations over several months from personal and medical sources, and one name came up again and again: Clinica Lopez Garbarino. Dr. Julio Lopez Garbarino, I found after closer investigation, is an esteemed plastic surgeon with a 15-year-old private surgical clinica in Montevideo.

“Clinica Lopez Garbarino, in Pocitos Montevideo, is a three-story facility with two highly equipped surgical suites, two comfortable recovery rooms, and six treatment rooms, all with state-of-the-art equipment from Europe, Canada, Israel, and the Americas. Dr. Gabarino has a full staff–four assistants, nurses, esthetician, doctor’s assistants, and in-house dermatology specialists Dr. Veronica Paz and Dr. Bremermann. In addition, the clinic is home to 10 independent plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists, some of the finest physicians in Montevideo.

“Plus, Dr. Gabarino maintains a satellite office just outside Punta Del Este for patient convenience, consultations, and follow-up care. It is important to note that the Uruguay Ministry of Public Health has certified Clinica Lopez Garbarino at the highest levels.

“Dr. Garbarino is a 1982/1986 graduate of the University of Uruguay in Medicine and Plastic Surgery and also recipient of a Vascular Treatment Degree from JFK University in Argentina. His accolades include certifications from over 70 training specialties from Lisbon, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. His kind and caring bedside manner has earned him the respect of peers and patients all over the Americas.

“What services does Dr. Garbarino offer at has Clinica Lopez Garbarino? Breast implants, tummy tucks, face lifts, breast lifts, liposuction, brow lift, breast reduction, reconstructive surgery, and rhinoplasty, as well as high-frequency collagen treatments, laser-photo skin rejuvenation, depilatation of birth marks, dermabrasion, and fill treatments using restylane, vario derm, and puragen from Sweden, England, and Germany.

“For the purposes of tattoo and hair removal, Dr. Garbarino uses the Alexandrite System, an American-manufactured technology from Israel. The ND-Y System emits fiber optic laser rays for safe, state-of-the-art tattoo removal.

“After my research, I was satisfied regarding the excellent quality of the care available in Uruguay. However, the real revelation was regarding the costs of these services. It’s extraordinarily low. In Atlanta, breast enhancement surgery, for example, averages US$7,500. In Montevideo a comparable procedure costs as little as US$2,900. My recent tummy tuck, quoted at US$9,500 in Atlanta, not including the costs for the clinic and anesthesia, was only US$3,500, all costs included, at Clinica Lopez Garbarino.

“And keep in mind that New York rates could easily be double those I’m quoting for Atlanta.

“Just before leaving the States six months ago, I had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) in Atlanta that cost me US$2,900, plus additional charges for the surgical facility, anesthesia, etc. Had I waited, the procedure would have been only US$1,950 here in Montevideo, again including everything.

“With a face lift available for as little as US$2,500 for a mini and varicose vein treatments costing but US$30 a session, you could expect to save thousands of dollars by having these procedures performed here in Uruguay, rather than in North America or Europe. And you can rest assured that you’d be receiving the finest standard of medical care.

“Plus, as an added bonus, you could combine your surgery with a vacation in one of the safest and most beautiful destinations in all South America.

“Montevideo is the vibrant capital city of Uruguay; rich in beauty, culture, and cuisine. It’s also only a one-hour drive from the world-famous beaches of Punta Del Este. I can think of no better place to recuperate and enjoy the brand-new you.

“Since most surgeries at Clinica Lopez Garbarino are scheduled early morning, you’re typically able to check out by the end of day. In those instances when an overnight stay is recommended, required, or requested by the patient, Dr. Garbarino offers an outstanding additional service for a remarkable rate.

“I have a 15-year history of brittle diabetes and what I consider a low threshold for pain, so I chose the overnight option after my tummy tuck surgery on June 8. My private room was meticulously clean and spacious, with a view of beautiful Pocitos in the heart of Montevideo.

“My hospital bed was dressed in linens to match the custom drapes. My room also had a large and comfortable sofa, a color TV, a closet, and a recliner. That night, as I waited to be served my steak dinner, I could hear the sounds of horse-drawn carriages outside my bay window. The soft lights reflected the highly polished natural teak wood floors, and the artwork and Old World architecture were more reminiscent of an Italian villa than a medical facility.

“The surgical suite, unlike the big, clammy operating rooms in the States, was warm, cozy, and bright with natural light. This environment aided the closeness between doctor, anesthetist, nurse, and patient. I’ve had two Caesarean deliveries, an emergency appendectomy, and three elective surgeries in Miami, Atlanta, and New York. They were different experiences altogether. My recent experience in Montevideo was calm and relaxed.

“Most impressive, was the care of my personal nurse, Gabriella. As part of my overnight stay option, I enjoyed her professional and sensitive care throughout the night.

“If you have diabetes, even the flu can throw your readings into a frenzy. Remarkably, the next morning, my glucose reading was 100, the perfect number. Four days later, my bandages were removed with very little discomfort. My stitches are scheduled for removal in less then two weeks.

“The cost of all this personal overnight attention, including private room and bath, lunch, dinner, breakfast, and the constant care of an excellent surgical nurse in my room all night, was less then US$200.

“Affordable plastic surgery is available throughout South America, but if you’re looking for high quality, safety, and talent to go along with the extraordinarily low price tag, Montevideo, Uruguay, should be the first stop in your search.

“To give you a better idea of just how much money you can save this way, here is a list of common procedures and the costs in the States versus the costs in Uruguay:

Procedure United States Uruguay
Breast Implants US$7,500 US$2,900
Tummy Tuck US$9,500 US$3,500
Face Lift US$5,500 US$3,300
Breast Lift US$6,000 US$3,100
Breast Reduction US$7,500 US$3,400
Eyelids US$2,800 US$1,950
Brow Lift US$3,800 US$1,900
Neck Lift US$3,200 US$1,400
Chin Liposuction US$2,100 US$1,000
Nose/Rhinoplasty US$5,900 US$2,500
Buttocks Enhancement US$3,000 US$1,500

“Dear male reader, don’t feel left out. Dr. Garbarino specializes as well in the plastic surgery needs of men.

“You can fly from Miami to Montevideo right now for as little as US$700 round trip, meaning, again, you could combine your cosmetic surgery with a very affordable getaway to one of South America’s top destinations.

“What’s more, Dr. Garbarino has offered to give you a complimentary 15-minute personal consultation. Get in touch here to take him up on the offer: info@clinicalopezgarbarino.com.”

Kathleen Peddicord