Four Strategies For Investing In Real Estate Overseas

Four Proven Strategies For Global Property Profits

I’m constantly scouting, always on the trail of the best property investment deals around the globe.

Specifically, here are the types of deals I’m looking at right now…

Opportunities born of an expanding middle class

In many developing nations, the middle class is exploding right now, presenting big opportunities for profit. These markets are undergoing significant changes that take place but once in a lifetime… and that create real wealth.

You can invest in local housing developments or in turnkey rentals, in some cases both residential and commercial. These are opportunities that most investors overlook because they aren’t paying attention to the local market. I’m connected well and closely with the local markets in locations where the middle class is expanding at previously unheard-of rates, and, with the help of my on-the-ground connections, I’m identifying local investment opportunities other outside investors won’t find.

Opportunities in organic produce

Organic produce is a US$35 billion industry. I’ve worked over the past two-and-a-half years to identify and even to create exclusive and unique ways for the individual investor to secure a piece of that pie.

The objective in this category is a turnkey investment in any organic food product in growing demand. The list of potential food products that qualify is long; the list of turnkey opportunities that allow you to profit from meeting the expanding demand, unfortunately, is not. However, these opportunities, when you find them, can earn you annualized returns of up to 17% per year for the next 20 years and more.

Even better, these investments can be not only among the most profitable you’ll make, but also the least complicated. Management start to exit is handled by someone else. Your only chore is to collect your share of the income from the sale of the product.

One important thing here: I make sure I own the underlying asset (that is, the land) for every agricultural investment I make. This way, if for some reason the investment stops being productive, I have other options for exit. This should be your strategy, too.

Opportunities resulting from big investments in new or improved infrastructure
(I call it “path of progress” investing)

I’ve been in this business a long time. I take a conservative strategy that helps me to double my capital every five or so years. Investing ahead of the path of progress is an important part of that strategy. The biggest investment of my career to date is path of progress… and it’s in Panama.

Opportunities to buy pre-construction at a discount

Buying pre-construction comes with a relatively big risk. You’re investing before the asset you’re buying has been built, and you have no guarantee that it will be built. Your reward for taking that early-in risk is a discount, sometimes a significant discount. Buying pre-construction can be a way to begin building a global property portfolio if you have limited capital to invest. It can amount to financing. The key is to make sure the payment terms protect you.

It can be possible to buy pre-construction and then cash out before the project is even completed. I did this on the coast of Spain years ago for an annualized return of 35% over two years. I walked away with my profits after having put up a negligible amount of my own capital.

Again, pre-construction can be a way to turn a small nut into a bigger nut to fund a next, bigger property investment in another market… and so on. It can be one of your most valuable strategies, a way to create your own leverage.

Investing in property abroad really is an exciting and adventurous way to make a nice profit… and the views aren’t bad either.

That is, buying property overseas, you can combine investment and personal use agendas. Some foreign property investments even qualify you for residency in the country.

And a well-made purchase today can double as your dream retirement home down the road… or your bolt-hole if you ever decide it’s time to bug out.

Lief Simon

P.S. This week, my publisher, Live and Invest Overseas, is launching my newest private investment advisory service, Global Property Advisor. The response out of the gate has been tremendous, and I’m so happy to see such a strong level of interest in these ideas.

One important reason why I’ve decided to commit to this new service is because I’m fed up with the narrow-minded conversation taking place in U.S. investment arenas. Investors aren’t getting full or well-rounded guidance.

In today’s world, the only way to survive and thrive as an investor is to diversify beyond conventional asset classes and beyond U.S. markets. I’ve been following this strategy for more than 20 years, growing my portfolio even through global downturns.

I’d like to help you do the same. You can learn more about diversifying your own assets with the help of Global Property Advisor here.

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