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The World's Best Places To
Retire In 2022
The World's Best Places To Retire In 2021

To provide answers to those questions. We’ve spent the last year compiling the information you need to make an informed decision...

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The world's best places to retire in 2022
An aerial view down at homes along the beach with an arrow pointing to bargain properties.

5 Countries Where Real Estate Is Still Incredibly Cheap

Getting onto the property ladder has always been one of the safest and best ways of securing long-term wealth. Buying cheap real estate overseas...

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Mangrove trees grow on the beach in crystal clear tropical water in Las Terrenas beach, Dominican Republic

Top 10 Things To Do In Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

As international travel is back in earnest, we’re reminding ourselves of the places we most like to be… and making plans to return as soon …

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Why Belize Is A Great Fit For Canadian Snowbirds

It’s almost July 1… the perfect opportunity to revisit the relationship between two special North American nations: one small, the other not-so-small…It might surprise you …

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Aerial Drone view of South Water Caye tropical island in Belize barrier reef.
Swimming pool and the houses in the expat’s community project near Las Tablas in Panama.

The Panama Golden Visa: Residency And A Second Home For The Price Of One

Panama has long been recognized as one of the best—and easiest—options in the world for a …

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Paris, France life in europe

What You Need To Know Before Starting A New Life In Europe

Europe has been a draw for me since I was in high school. I saved up my junior year to take a whirlwind tour of Europe… 9 countries in 30 days by bus.

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Panama Canal and Panama City in Panama.

The Real Estate Market In Panama Is Recession-Proof, Take Advantage Of It Now

We believe real estate is the best asset you can hold to protect and grow your …

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Beautiful Caribbean sight with turquoise water in San Pedro island, Belize.

What The Future In Belize Looks Like: The Booming Real Estate Market

More than ever, people are asking, “What does the future look like?” In Belize it looks …

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Small tropical island at Barrier Reef with paradise beach in Belize

10 Of The Best Places To Live Or Retire In Latin America

We give a lot of virtual ink to Latin America… And for good reason. This region …

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Caribbean beach in Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

12 Reasons Why We Chose To Live In The Dominican Republic

“I’ve had enough of your Caribbean vacations for this year!” This is the response Bill Piatt …

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Senior woman with pink skirt and white shirt who retired alone at the beach

Retiring Abroad Alone? Here Are 6 Things To Know

It might seem that retiring overseas as a single could present additional challenges… That taking this …

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Thai style garden located in Royal Park Rajapruek, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Best Way To Beat Inflation For Retirees

Inflation is running at better than 8%… the greatest rate in more than 40 years. Your …

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Live and Invest Overseas Conferences

Conference Attendees Consider Their Options For Retiring Overseas

BY Kathleen Peddicord

"Kathleen, I have to tell you the truth," began the Retire Overseas Conference attendee who pulled...

Retire Overseas Conference Q&A Session With Kathleen Peddicord

BY Kathleen Peddicord

"Welcome to Houston... welcome to Live and Invest Overseas’ 10th Annual Retire Overseas Conference..."...

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