Everything Is Brighter In Belize… Even The Supermoon

Bright Nights And Brighter Days In Beautiful Belize

With everything going on in the world today, it can be hard to feel hopeful about the future.

To feel assured that there are brighter days ahead…

Then I heard about the supermoon, the rare occurrence when the moon appears bigger and more brilliant to us down here on Earth than it ever will otherwise. It happens only about once every 70 years.

I don’t know a lot about nature or astronomy, but it makes me feel good to know that there are grand things happening over which I have no control.

The day of the supermoon, I had a light lunch with a friend at the Turtle Bar and Restaurant in Corozal, Belize. The fantastic chef there invited us to return and watch the supermoon rise. He recommended watching it right at the shore where his restaurant is located.

So, when dusk began to fall, we settled ourselves in comfortable chairs with tropical beverages and tasty snacks at the seawall.

As the evening wore on, I waited and waited to see what all the hoopla was about…

Then, slowly and magnificently, the giant moon rose over the water.

I stood mesmerized at the sight. Unfortunately, pictures couldn’t capture the magnificence of our view of the supermoon over the Caribbean, but, believe me, while it may have been a spectacular sight from anywhere in the world… for me, everything is better in the Caribbean!

There we were, the supermoon and I, facing each other across what seemed like just a short distance of gentle, lapping Caribbean waves. And I was experiencing something good and wonderful and over which I had no control… and it was comforting.

The world may be chaotic elsewhere, but, here in Belize, in my little corner of paradise, things are just fine. There’s no need to try to control anything. Just enjoy what comes… like a supermoon.

That’s when it occurred to me. There are brighter days ahead, for sure. They will come at different times and in different ways to everyone. We all just have to wait and see—just as I waited and saw the supermoon.

Before the moon rose, it was dark and there wasn’t any indication that something amazing, otherworldly, even, was about to take place. But it did.

To be honest, I’ve gotten so accustomed to the tranquility and beauty that I have found in Belize that I thought I had seen and experienced it all.

But the wonders continue.

Almost every day I meet people who have just arrived in Belize to see it for themselves, having heard so much about it. They come from all over the world, from many cultures and with many different reasons for making the trip. Each one of them is also expecting brighter days ahead here in sunny Belize (which they’ll have, both literally and figuratively!).

Most are not disappointed.

One of my neighbors has traveled the world over and had been planning to visit Thailand soon because she’d never been there. Now that she has made a side trip to Belize, she decided to put on her brakes. She and her husband have been enjoying some of their best days ever. He doesn’t want to leave at all. When his wife asked him what they would do with their house back in the States, he suggested that they just put it up for sale on eBay and settle in Belize.

The fact that English is the official language in Belize is a big draw for many, but many, like myself, enjoy trying our hand at Spanish, being so close to the Mexican border.

My home-based Spanish studies came in handy the other night, just after the supermoon, at our monthly Art in the Park event. Artists come from surrounding villages and miles around to display their crafts. I spotted a unique necklace that was to die for, and when I asked in English how much it was, I could tell the artisan didn’t understand. She smiled as I offered my Spanish rendition of the question, which was understood. This custom-made piece of jewelry wasn’t expensive, and it matched another piece of jewelry I had purchased earlier.

Of course, downtimes aren’t always buoyed by a supermoon or a new piece of jewelry. But brighter days are always ahead. We just have to keep hoping and believing… and then enjoy them when they come.

Just a tip: I’ve found this is far easier to accomplish in Belize.

Marie Peay
Belize Insider