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What Makes Panama So Special?

Panama is a little country in a very fortunate geographic position working hard to make sure the economic prosperity it has enjoyed the past dozen years continues into the next.

The facts on the ground here are overwhelmingly positive...

First world health care at costs one-third of those in the United States. Tax-saving incentives for foreigners and entrepreneurs. A steadily growing economy...

Both turquoise Caribbean and crashing Pacific coasts, separated by only a few hours via a new toll road. Plus lush and cool mountains, with quaint villages and easily accessed hiking trails, where monkeys and toucans are common sights.

Plus, Panama's recent implementation of a new permanent residency visa (one that includes a work permit to North Americans and Europeans, among others) is one of the easiest in the world to obtain.

There's every reason to believe the good times will continue to roll down here at the Hub of the Americas.

The world's top retirement, investment, and offshore haven? That'd be Panama.

Here's your passport to everything this beautiful country with two long coasts has to offer: Each fully illustrated, twice a month issue of In Focus: Panama covers a different aspect of living or investing in Panama.




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