Live, Retire, Invest In Medellin, Colombia

The Colombian Comeback

“I fell in love with the city at first sight, driving down the hill from the airport and Las Palmas. I put Medellin on par with Venice, even, for first impressions…”

–David Lee, Medellin expat

“Why did I choose to base myself in Medellin after having traveled throughout the entire Latin American region? I could say it was the weather. I could say it was the pretty girls. The truth is, it was just everything…”

–David Lee, Medellin expat

“Colombia is like Panama 20 years ago and Costa Rica 25 years ago…”

–Rich Holman, Medellin expat and businessman

“What’s my favorite thing about living in Medellin? The people…the weather…the community…sure…but for me, really, it’s the salsa. I’ve become a very good salsa dancer. And the soccer. Watching a soccer match in the stadium here is a real experience…”

–David Lee, Medellin expat

“If you like three-day weekends, you’ll love this place. There are 26 holidays every year…”

–Lief Simon, Medellin investor

“Colombia is enjoying record-level foreign direct investment and steady economic growth year on year. Inflation is among the lowest in Latin America. Six of the best universities in the region are here and five of the best hospitals…”

Daniel Gutierrez, Colombian attorney

“My worst day in 8 years in Medellin has been better than my best day in 14 years living in Naples, Florida—and Naples is a pretty nice place…”

–Rich Holman, Medellin expat and businessman

“This isn’t some backwater basket case struggling to recover from its most recent crisis. This is a country with a strong, solid economy that is getting steadily stronger. Current growth rate is 5%, and growth rates are projected to average better than 4% per year through 2018 at least. Further, Colombia enjoys an energy surplus. This country is not energy-dependent on anyone…”

–Lee Harrison, Medellin expat and investor

“Pablo’s dead. Go back, tell your people…”

–Rich Holman, Medellin expat and businessman

“The property purchase process in Colombia is transparent and secure. The cost of buying is about 1% of the purchase price. This is among the lowest in the world…”

–Lee Harrison, Medellin expat and investor

Colombia offers a number of good visa options. Currently you need US$972 per month to qualify for a pensioner visa. And you can receive your visa in three days once you have all your documents in order…”

–Juan Dario Gutierrez, Colombian attorney

“Congratulations on taking the bold step to come here. I firmly believe you will be very happy you ignored all the friends and family who told you you were crazy to travel to Colombia. You’re going to be awfully glad you mustered the courage and opened your mind to give this place a chance…”

–Rich Holman, Medellin expat and businessman

Kathleen Peddicord

Editor’s Note: Colombia is emerging as one of the world’s top retirement and investment havens. Medellin, especially, offers a perfect-storm opportunity right now to reinvent your life, rescue your retirement, and diversify your portfolio into one of the world’s most promising marketplaces.

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