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Special Overseas Haven Report on Ambergris Caye, home to a growing expatriate community. This is pure Caribbean... the sea, sand, and sunshine of the Caymans or the Virgin Islands, but without the price tag… (a US$9.95 value)...
Special Overseas Haven Report on Northern Belize, an area that bursts stunning landscapes and natural resources where you can live a luxury lifestyle for around US$2,000 a month... (a US$9.95 value)...
Retire At 45 In Tropical, Tax-Free Belize, your guide to the QRP residency program (a US$9.99 value)…
"44 Things You Must Know Before You Relocate, Retire, or Invest Offshore," the nuts-and-bolts support you need to plan your adventures in Belize with confidence (a US$29 value)...
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