Make Your Retire Overseas Dream Come True, We’ll Help!

Retiring Overseas Is Only The Start Of The Opportunity On The Table

Retire overseas.

It’s been my beat for 32 years.

Retiring to another country is a better idea today than ever… but today it’s only the beginning of the idea.

Today “retire overseas” is shorthand for the opportunity on the table. Today you could reinvent your life and take control of your future at any age and regardless of your current circumstances.

Today you could “retire overseas” as a 20- or 30-something looking for a job… as a 30- or 40-something keen to start a business of your own… or as a parent with a young family to raise.

Today “retire overseas” is a metaphor, not a literal recommendation.

We’re beginning preparations in earnest for the biggest conference on our annual calendar, our Retire Overseas Conference, taking place this year just over two months from now in Las Vegas.

For this once-a-year mega-event this year, we’re stretching the limits of the retire-overseas idea.

Over our four days together in Vegas (Aug. 28–31), we’ll showcase the best places in the world to retire… but we’ll also introduce all those in attendance to the best places on earth to live, period.

As the leaders on the retire overseas scene, we’re realizing that we’ve been discriminating against non-retirees who are just as keen as their pensioner fellows to take advantage of the world’s best opportunities for living well and chasing adventure.

No more. We at Live and Invest Overseas embrace a new mission—to help anyone of any age identify the best place for him (or her) to realize his (or her) dreams.

We are conceiving the program for this year’s Retire Overseas Conference with this new mission in mind. We aren’t renaming our event (as we haven’t been able to come up with a better phrase to describe the objective… suggestions welcome!), but we sure are reinventing our approach.

I’ll share the evolving details of the plan for this year’s new-and-improved Retire Overseas Conference in coming days. Meantime, here’s what I can tell you now:

If you’re looking to restart, regenerate, reinvigorate, retool, or refresh your life but are unsure where you want to go… or how you’ll organize your new life once you get there, you want to be in Vegas with us in August.

These four days with the far-flung Live and Invest Overseas team convened in one place at one time will speed up your search process enormously and potentially save you thousands of dollars you might otherwise spend on multiple overseas scouting trips.

Here’s the core of the plan…

At this year’s Retire Overseas Conference, we will:

  • Introduce you to all our top 22 havens… showing you which are better suited for retirees and which could be ideal for Digital Nomads, laptop entrepreneurs, or families with school-aged children, for example. After hearing from our experts and expats, you’ll be able to narrow your search down to the three… two… or even one place that you should focus on. Prepare to be surprised… and to change your mind (maybe dramatically so)…
  • Walk you through all the big-picture “moving overseas” issues—including health care and health insurance, visas and residency, renting and buying property, tax obligations for the expat… and things you can do to prepare for your move before you ever step foot outside the United States…
  • Help you to begin building your own support network. As well as having the chance to ask questions following each presentation and panel discussion, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with experts and expats in the more casual setting of our exhibit hall and the even more casual and personal setting of our opening night cocktail party. These are one-of-a-kind opportunities to spend one-on-one time with the people who can help walk you through your relocation, start to finish…

Here’s the other important thing I can tell you today about this year’s Retire Overseas Conference:

This week is your final chance to reserve your spot taking advantage of the Early Bird discount that can save you up to US$300 off the cost of registration.

If you’re considering the idea of living or retiring in another country, you should be in the room with us in Las Vegas Aug. 28–31.

And, if you plan to be in the room with us in Vegas in August, it’d be silly not to register now, while the Early Bird discount remains available.

I can no longer participate in every event we hold, but I wouldn’t miss our annual Retire Overseas Conference. For this biggest and most exciting event of our year, I invite more than five-dozen far-flung correspondents, friends, expats, and experts to join me on stage to showcase the world’s best opportunities for living better and reinventing your life.

I very much look forward to meeting you there. I’ll do my best to ensure that a great and productive time is had by all.

Kathleen Peddicord