Overseas Success Stories From Our All Access Pass Members

Three LIOS Members Share Their Real Life Stories Of Success Overseas

This month we celebrate the four-year anniversary of our most elite level of Live and Invest Overseas service:

Our All Access Pass.

We don’t speak of this membership program often, as we can accommodate only a small number of members. However, every year, on the anniversary of the group’s inception, we open the doors to welcome new applicants.

The All Access Pass isn’t for everyone. As you consider, during this window of open enrollment, whether belonging to this private society might be worth your while, I thought you might appreciate hearing current members’ stories.

We contacted a few active All Access Pass members to ask if they’d mind sharing their experiences with fellow Live and Invest Overseas readers…

Member Miguel Davis-Dacio responded to say:

“Kathleen, what a lovely opportunity and timely idea to share my All Access Pass membership experience to this point.

“I am a U.S. Vietnam disabled wartime veteran intent on being an active member of the LIOS global community at this very critical moment in history. I am deeply grateful to have found LIOS when I did almost a year ago.

“The Live and Invest Overseas conferences I attended in Nevada, California, and Belize opened my mind to a new way of thinking about how to achieve my personal and my family’s goals. Suddenly the lifestyle I imagined was a real possibility.

“Now I have a plan for a secure retirement while also being of service in communities around the world. My goal is to have fun in interesting places while making a profit and then using that capital to reinvest.

“I couldn’t have done this on my own…”

Then we received this from member James Sweat Jr.:

“Kathleen, my story is boring. I have no wife, no kids, no girlfriend… I don’t even have a dog. That’s why I became an All Access Pass member. So I could have a lot of adventures and add a little excitement to my life.

“And, as you’ve asked for my feedback, I have a suggestion. If you have room on the calendar for one more conference each year, make it a cruise. Sort of a Live and Invest Overseas version of the ‘Love Boat’! See you in two weeks in Colombia.”

Great timing for your suggestion, James. We are working now on our first-ever Live and Invest Overseas cruise program. I don’t know if I can promise the full “Love Boat” experience, but we’ll do our best.

Finally, we received these words from All Access Pass member Mike Herndon:

“Kathleen, I was planning to contact you in the near future, so your email arrived at the perfect moment.

“I had hoped to have my residency fully established before writing to you, but I am still waiting to receive my work visa. My application was filed several weeks ago, and I am now in the process of adding to the application some additional documentation. So I cannot yet say I am officially a working resident of Spain… however, I am very close.

“The reason I planned to write to you is that I would like to offer to present to the group at your annual Retire Overseas Conference. I believe you’re planning to hold this year’s event in Orlando in August.

“I would be happy to appear on any panels where my experiences would be of interest to attendees considering a move similar to my relocation to Valencia, Spain. I could even host a breakout session to present an interactive narrative of my history with LIOS and how important being an All Access Pass member has been for my journey to my new life overseas.

“I’ve been following you and Lief since 2004, and the support you and your team have provided has allowed me to reinvent my life.

“With your help, I was able to identify Valencia as the best location for me as a single Baby Boomer nearing retirement. I am very excited about the opportunity to share my story with others considering making the kind of move I’ve made.

“Thanks to you and everyone in your organization who has helped to make this change in my life possible…”

Kathleen Peddicord

P.S. What exactly is the All Access Pass?

Members are invited to join us for every Live and Invest Overseas conference on our calendar as our VIP guests… for life.

You can attend every conference free—as a VIP—and bring a guest free, too.

When you can’t be in the room with us, you can access all of the information shared during the event through our Home Conference Kits… because you receive every one of these we produce every year free, as well… again, for life.

Plus, All Access Members enjoy white glove-level concierge service from our events team, invitations to private receptions, and many other benefits and perks.