Self-Sufficient Homes In Belize, Made For The Freedom Seeker

Self-Sufficient Tiny Homes In Belize For $69,000

Belize is a country of freedom-seekers.

The pirates came to ply their pirate trading out of view.

The Mennonites came from Germany and the Netherlands so they could be Mennonites without anyone bothering them.

The English came to colonize and to bank in private.

The English, though, in this part of the world, were under such constant pressure from Spain that they were reluctant to establish any formal government to manage Belize for at least a century.

From the beginning, as a result, Belizeans had to be self-sufficient. This remains the driving force behind Belizean culture.

The country has always attracted expats who value independence and freedom. The point is that, today, there are a whole lot more of these folks shopping for options.

Low Impact For The Environment… And For Your Budget…

Carmelita Gardens is the latest undertaking of Phil Hahn, a long-time friend and Belize developer with a solid track record. It is a planned community with self-sufficiency at the core of the planning. Phil’s vision is to create a place where like-minded folks can be “independent together.”

Gardens and orchards are interwoven with the housing lots, so that owners can grow their own food. You can participate directly by planting and harvesting, or you can simply take advantage of the fruits and vegetables grown onsite that will be made available for residents.

Each home in Carmelita Gardens is self-sufficient, too.

Houses here have solar panels for electricity, rainwater harvesting and filtration for potable water, and eco-friendly wastewater systems. The objective is for each house to have a very low impact on its surrounding environment.

That also translates to an incredibly low cost of living. Most of your bills will disappear…

Living in Belize means you have no heating bill. The house designs here mean that you can live comfortably without turning on the air conditioning.

You’ll capture sunlight for power and rain for water. A cheap tank of propane gas is all you’ll need for your stove… and you’ll eat the food that you and your neighbors produce.

This isn’t your parents’ idea of off-grid living. Self-sufficient technology has improved and today allows for all the amenities of 21st-century living—big-screen TVs, washers and dryers, Sub-Zero refrigerators, etc.

What’s more, self-sufficient infrastructure is also relatively low-cost, which is why the lot prices at Carmelita are very attractive.

Self-sufficient infrastructure is relatively low-cost, making the lot prices at Carmelita attractive. Garden lots start at US$28,000.

On your Carmelita lot, you could build the self-sufficient home of your dreams… or you could engage Phil’s team to erect one of their garden cottages for you.

These turnkey “tiny houses” are efficient but also charming…

Join The Community In This Tranquil Riverfront Region Of Cayo

The best part is the cost—just US$69,000.

That’s for both the Tiny House and the self-sufficient lot it sits on.

The community at Carmelita is taking shape, as our Self Sufficiency Seminar-goers will see for themselves tomorrow.

The homes at Carmelita are being built near enough to each other that standing on the porch of one you can call out to your neighbor on his veranda across the way.

That’s intentional.

Being self-sufficient doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable. Neither does it have to mean being lonely.

The vision for life at Carmelita is a return to what life was like in the States in the 1950s, when people sat out on their porches every evening chatting and sharing news, enjoying each other’s company, and being part of each other’s lives.

Life at Carmelita will revolve around the like-minded community and, as important, the gardens and orchards.

If this sounds like an appealing way of life to you, you can get in touch here for more information.

Kathleen Peddicord