2013 Offshore Summit Is For All Nationalities

“Kathleen, I am sooo glad you had wanderlust early in your life and now can use that knowledge and experience to assist others as we seek to live elsewhere than the former good ole US of A.

I was looking at relocating in Peru after falling in love with it on a tour in 1989. Wish I had bought then now is more expensive…”

–Marcia M., United States


“Kathleen, I wondered if you could tell me, please, whether the information contained in the program for the Offshore Summit you’re planning will be generic enough to encompass Canadians intending to relocate overseas, as well as Americans?

“In other words, it’s not all going to be presented from an American-only perspective is it?

“It sounds like a wonderful symposium. I’ll wait to hear back from you, please. In the meantime, do take care.”

–Colleen T., Canada

In a word, no, we will not be taking an American-only perspective and, yes, the information we’ll be presenting is relevant for anyone thinking of diversifying his life, assets, and business offshore. By all means, the event should be valuable for you. Hope to meet you there.

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