2014 Retire Overseas Expo In Nashville, Tennessee

“Kathleen, really enjoyed the Expo yesterday and wish we could have stayed for the conference. Would like to submit an idea for your next expo, if I may. I realize the expo concept is new, but as it grows (and it will!), it would be really cool to have food (and/or wine?) vendors representing each country you are covering in the conference. On a limited basis, of course, perhaps one or two items per vendor? I think future expats would really enjoy being able to sample the cuisine of countries they are considering!”

–Marilyn Chadwick, United States, via Facebook


“Kathleen, we were at the Expo yesterday and had good informative time at it. Wish we could have made this conference.”

–Ewker Walker, United States, via Facebook


“Kathleen, thanks so much for the absolutely wonderful job at Nashville! I’ve told your conference staff this several times, but I’ll say it again: Over the course of the three-day event, every single presentation was top-notch, ultra-informative, and no fluff.

“Everything went as smooth as silk, but anything that runs that well takes a lot of hard work by lots of folks behind the scenes.

“I can’t wait until next year!

“P.S. My vote for 2015 is for Baltimore, Maryland. Crab cakes, Camden Yards, and the Inner Harbor are tough to beat.”

–Michael Hicks, United States, via Facebook

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