2015 Retire Overseas Expo In Orlando, Florida

“Kathleen, we have certainly enjoyed the passion of other readers responding to Andy D.’s need for sophistication that Central and South America clearly don’t have (in his opinion). We would, on behalf of all expats around the world, like to invite Andy D. to stay in the United States where he can get the sophistication he wants and needs. And please don’t visit any of the wonderful places we have visited. You may change your mind, if that is possible.”

–Darren H., United States


“Kathleen, I’m 60 years old and working as a GE engineer. My wife is 56 and a part-time nurse with a university hospital. We look forward to retirement in the next three to seven years. I am fluent in classroom Spanish and get along OK on the street. Lisa has some Spanish.

“I have interest in retiring in Central America or the Caribbean. (Buy a home and live there.) Lisa may be amenable but has no information. She doesn’t learn well by reading and would need to talk with a knowledgeable person about this.

“Is there someone (you?) who you recommend we could have a conversation with? (Yes, I will pay for this.) I’d like to talk about our retirement budget, our health, language skills, and expectations for retired life… and hear about options for places to retire.

“There are many places we could choose from. Most seminars are specific to a single country, but not helpful in narrowing down the list of candidate countries. Once we narrow down the list to a small handful of choices, I’d like to attend the country-specific seminars.

“Where can I get a good overview of Latin America and then discuss my specific situation?

“Please advise.”

–Mark A., United States

You and your wife should meet me and my team in Orlando next month for this year’s Retire Overseas Conference.


This event is tailor-made for someone in your situation. We’ll look at every destination of interest to the would-be retiree right now, we’ll address every issue, challenge, and requirement involved with getting from wherever you are today to wherever you decide you’d like to reinvent your life, and we’ll do it live. This once-a-year event is highly interactive. When my team and I are on stage, questions are welcome and addressed in real time. When we’re offstage, during networking breaks, cocktail parties, poolside lunches, etc., we’re available for more personal conversations.

If your wife learns not by reading but through conversation, you and she want to be in the room with us in Orlando.

If you can’t make it for all four days of the program, join us for Day 1 at least. This one-day Retire Overseas Expo (taking place on a Sunday so you don’t even have to miss a day of work) is a fast-tracked program that will help you compare and contrast your top choices worldwide. This is like a Retire Overseas Express Pass and the best option available anywhere for putting together your own retire overseas plan with the help of the world’s most experienced retire overseas team.


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