5 VIP Places Remaining For April Live And Invest In Portugal Conference


As of this writing, only 5 free VIP packages remain available for our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference taking place in the Algarve in April 2015.

These final five VIP spots will not last long. Therefore, if you’d like to join us as a VIP in sunny Portugal this summer, I urge you to get in touch with our event staff immediately.

You can reach them by email here, by phone toll-free from the United States at 1-888-627-8834… or, internationally, at +1-443-599-1221.

In our most recent Retire Overseas Index, Portugal’s Algarve region won the coveted prize of World’s #1 Retirement Haven.

Come, discover the world’s best place for retirement living, the best of the Old World and Europe’s most affordable corner.


“Kathleen, I have been reading your letters for a long time and there are a lot of very good suggestions for many countries around the world to retire, but why are you leaving Costa Rica out of the countries? I’ve been in Panama and Costa Rica and traveled around in both countries so I know the difference of flavor for both.

“Just like to know why Costa Rica is never mentioned in your writings?”

–Charlotte L., United States

I was among the first to recommend Costa Rica as a top retirement and real estate investment option, some 30 years ago, and continued recommending the country through the 1990s. Then prices rose to the point where the seriously under-developed infrastructure was no longer as charming as it was challenging. When beachfront lots were super-cheap, you didn’t mind that the road in was unpaved. When they became not so cheap, it was harder to ignore the dirt roads and falling-down bridges.

Then Costa Rica discontinued its famed pensionado program.

Then the country entered a recession, which continues and is worsening. A down-and-out economy has translated to increased crime.

For all these reasons, we’ve pulled back on Costa Rica. You have better options.

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