A New Life In Quito

“Kathleen, just wanted you to know that, thanks to you and your 52 Days plan, I made it to Quito on June 22. I am on my way tomorrow to Cuenca.

“Now I want to brag a bit. I have been learning Spanish with videos. Today I spoke in Spanish to seven different restaurant staffers, and they all understood and spoke back to me. There were about nine folks who told me how nice Cuenca is, and they all wished me well and waved me off on my adventure.

“BTW, I am 70-years-old, and I have still been able to dodge the cars and have walked almost across and back from the retail center of Quito. It was all your wonderful help that allowed and encouraged me to make this move.”

–Beth G., Ecuador

Congratulations. You must be so proud of yourself. Well done.


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