Access Panama Tours Of Panama City, Coronado, And The City Beaches

“Kathleen, I am enjoying your publications and newsletters.

“My wife and I have Playa Coronado, Panama, on our radar for retirement. We currently live in Florida. My question is: If we were to fly to Panama in March 2016 with the thought of testing the waters for Playa Coronado or elsewhere in Panama, does your office provide some sort of guide assistance to get us started?

“Thank you for your response.”

–Daryl R., United States

I’m delighted to be able to report that, indeed, yes, as of this month, we do provide precisely that sort of assistance in Panama.

Live and Invest Overseas has launched a new group called Access Panama that will be offering tours intended to help participants get to know key locations of interest in this country, including Coronado and the entire City Beaches area. The first tour will be taking place next month (January 2016).

You can get in touch for more information here.

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