Effect Of Economic Crisis In Greece On Travel

“Kathleen, I appreciate your recent piece on Athens. My wife and I honeymooned there last August/September with childhood friends of hers from Colon. While it was not as slow as you are experiencing (perhaps the Greeks themselves are on holiday right now in Italy or on the islands), it did show signs of economic distress. We loved our time there and really loved Santorini. I hope after Mykonos you might consider heading there.

“My wife and I will retire in Panama after our federal jobs are done. I want a finca down near you in the Azuero Peninsula, and she wants to return to the city, so we expect to have both.

“While we already know where we want to go, I enjoy your pubs and read with interest the pieces you folks put out. I may even pen a few pieces for your consideration as well. I have many personal interests that will keep me busy. I am very interested in the banking and tax issues affecting expats.

“Anyway, happy travels and enjoy the islands.”

–Danny D., ORL Subscriber, United States

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