Airport Security At Tocumen Airport In Panama City


“Kathleen, this letter is, in fact, for Lee Harrison, whose article of today on airport security measures I have just read.

“Lee, your article about your experience in the Panama airport is a perfect response to anybody who asks me, ‘Why on earth I would want to leave the U.S.?’

“As a person who was not born in this country, but who carries two passports, I understand all that you’re saying about having more than one residency and more than one citizenship. I wanted to let you know that, from now on, when someone asks me that question, I am not going to attempt to explain my reasons to them. Instead, I will say, ‘I won’t give you an answer right at this moment, but let me send you an e-mail that will give you some idea of why I’m wanting to live outside the United States. Then, if you are still interested in having a conversation about this matter, I will be happy to do that!’

“Thank you for being so precise and clear in describing your experience. Great writing!”

–Riana R., United States

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