Americans Planning To Move Overseas In The Wake Of U.S. Election

“Kathleen, I have had several friends come to me within the past few weeks who are either selling everything to relocate overseas or who are flying out within the next few weeks to research a new country where to move. Now with the U.S. presidential election, there could be a huge sucking sound of Americans leaving the country. Perhaps a special offer on your e-book on ‘How to Retire Overseas in 52 Days‘ might be a big-seller at this time. After all that’s just about the amount of time remaining in 2012 until we could start a new life in 2013 somewhere else.”

–Patricia T. United States

We recently ran a special give-it-a-try-for-US$1 trial promotion for my 52 Days course. I’m speaking with my marketing manager about offering it again later this week if possible.


“Kathleen, recently read in the London Free Press that your president of Panama had a meeting with German President Merkel on the feasibility of using the euro currency in Panama? Is this a serious move?

“Looking forward to seeing you in Ecuador.”

–Donald B., United States

Panama could switch to the euro outright should Panamanians decide the U.S. dollar is too unstable or unattractive. They choose to use the U.S. dollar and could choose to use something else instead, including their own currency. However, I think the comment to Merkel about Panama switching to the euro anytime soon was political rhetoric. Made for a nice photo op.

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