AngloInfo, Help For English-Speaking Expats In Panama City

“Kathleen, I have been receiving your e-mail newsletters now for quite some time and really appreciate all the information you so willingly share. I also have your book. I spent three months in the Lake Chapala area last winter and have been planning to go back. But all of your reports about Medellin and Panama have intrigued me.

“I am wondering if there are expat organizations similar to the Lake Chapala Society in either of those locations? Not speaking Spanish very well, and understanding what is spoken to me even less well, I am wondering how I would ever find a place to stay in either of those areas. I made the big mistake of renting online for Ajijic, which was a disaster, but was able to find new accommodation within a few days…”

–Deborah A., United States

In Panama, there is now, I am happy to say, a top-notch resource for English-speaking expats: AngloInfo…which you can access here.

AngloInfo is a franchise of websites in key destinations where English-speaking expats spend time, including, now, Panama City. This newest AngloInfo franchise is the new business of my daughter, Kat Kalashian, and it is the best place to look for help with anything you might want to do in Panama City as an English-speaking foreign resident, investor, businessperson, or traveler.

In Medellin, no such comprehensive resource for English-speakers exists, and the English-speaking expat community is much, much smaller than in Panama City.


“Kathleen, I’ve been reading your e-mails since you were with International Living. When you disappeared from those pages I wondered where you went for a long time. No one ever explained. Then I stumbled (literally) across Live and Invest Overseas website.

“I’m now back on your lists and will be joining you out there, somewhere, in a new life, as soon as finances permit. With warm regards.”

–Ray A., United States


“Kathleen, I’m a subscriber to your Overseas Retirement Letter, and my question is about the dollar amounts/month you often quote. As a single retiree, the question always rises in my mind, are you speaking per person or is this figure for a couple? I know you’ve addressed this message before; however, I wonder if you might put behind any budget amount you list ‘cpl’ or ‘sngl’ (or some such abbreviation), so it’s clearer? Thanks for your consideration!”

–Riana R., United States

Good point. Will do.

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