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“Kathleen, I have been reading your articles about Belize for a couple of years now. I love the way you described your first visit to Belize in this email I received from you today. I found the same charm upon visiting the Cayo District in 2013. After two days of visiting the locals and being in this ‘developing’ country, I didn’t want to leave. I told a fellow traveler that these people may not have much, but what they do have, I want. When the time came to leave, I wanted to hide my passport so that I could stay.

“Instead, I flew back home. When my son picked me up at the airport, I told him that I was going back to Belize… to stay. He didn’t question me, but he looked puzzled because he knew that I didn’t know anyone in Belize. However, that began his support of my relocation.

“Long story short, the end of September 2014 I was back at the airport with a one-way ticket and two suitcases. I had closed out my house, sold my car, and given away, donated, or sold just about everything I had. I had enjoyed last suppers with friends and told my grown children that they were welcome to come visit me.

“I am now living in Corozal after visiting five of the country’s six districts. I feel like Belize is now my home.

“By the way, I just celebrated my 71st birthday and feel like I am just starting to live.

“I hope others will take the plunge. They just might find something they like. It is unBelizeable here.”

–Brenda Z., Belize

This week we’ve launched the newest Live and Invest Overseas publication, our all-new, brand-new insider’s guide to all things Belize. Announcing:

In Focus: Belize

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Nobody knows Belize like we know Belize. Now we’re sharing all our decades of experience living, traveling, investing, doing business, making money, and having a grand adventure in this quirky, charming country of opportunity.

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