Assessing Risk When Investing In Property Overseas

“Lief and Kathleen, thank you for sharing the letter from the reader who lost money on overseas real estate deals. And thank you for you candor indicating your own losses. This speaks highly of your integrity.

“Americans can certainly get excited about an overseas project and violate all their own mantras that they would use at home to make a deal. Your candor about your own losses should serve warning to all potential overseas investors that even an experienced, seasoned investor like yourself can lose money on a deal. Few things in life are sure deals; not a real estate purchase overseas or at home (I have experience myself with the at-home variety of loss). But every investment of any kind has risks because we always make a purchase based on some assumptions that may or may not pan out. My real estate mantra is: Do the due diligence, assess the risk based on that, and decide if you’re willing to take that risk for the potential gains. If not, move on to the next one.

“I’m writing this because I met the two of you at the Live and Invest Overseas Conference in Nashville and came away with the impression that you are honest, hard-working people after hearing you speak and also having personal conversations with each of you. (I mentioned to you Lief at the conference that I appreciated the bit of sand in your sense of humor, and you said thanks and asked me to put in a plug for you with Kathleen. I did and got the same look I get from my wife. LOL)

“The aforementioned letter just seems to confirm your integrity.

“Please don’t ever stop the truth-telling.”

–Michael C., United States

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