Assisted Living And Age-In-Place Facilities In Colombia, Ecuador, And Portugal

“Kathleen, what about an article on assisted living, care homes, etc., as a key part of growing old in an aging population? Often people look for retirement villages. Anything on that topic outside of Florida or the United States?

“Cheaper nursing care and support serviced are a key requisite for consideration when looking to move at 60+.

“A complex with independent living with support plus an on-site full nursing care facility is ideal, as no one wants to be moving at 70. New Zealand has several via Lifecare but very, very expensive, out of reach of most people. Something on retirement communities and retirement villages I think would be welcomed by your readership.

“Look forward to your feedback as maybe you have covered this topic, but I missed it?”

–Vanessa P., United States

You’re right; this is an important topic. Until recently, the unfortunate answer has been that the retiree overseas has had almost no options for these kinds of facilities. However, this is changing, as developers in key markets are recognizing the opportunity the growing demand is creating. Today, good assisted living choices exist in Ecuador, Colombia, and Portugal, for example. We’ll discuss these options and others in the works during this year’s Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando.

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