Assisted Living In Panama

Assisted Living In Panama

“I recently had to put my aged aunt into an assisted-living facility. Right now, my aunt can get by with minimal assisted care, but there are nurses available if and when she needs them.

“In other words, in the United States, we have hospice/nursing home care, but it is extremely expensive. Does Panama have these kinds of facilities?

“I understand that the Panamanian medical insurance is very affordable, but aside from the hospitals, what other facilities are there? My aunt deserves to live out her days in beautiful Panama.”

— Lin S., United States

Our Editor Rebecca Tyre, recently researching options for retiree health care around the world for our new report Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad, replies:

“From the research I’ve done, most of the nursing homes in Panama qualify as sad. Frankly, you wouldn’t want to put a family member in one of them.

“Because Panamanians are very family-centered, however, you have a much better option. What most people in this country do is to hire a live-in nurse to care for elderly family members. You can get a full-time, live-in nurse for about US$300 to US$400 a month.”