At Home In Paraguay


“Kathleen, so glad to read about your visit to Paraguay, a place I love. In Asunción, the women at the tourist office are most helpful. You really should go visit with them. They are on Palma, one block east of Alberdi.”

–Walt J., United States


“Kathleen, just read in your newsletter about your visit this week to Paraguay. Definitely Paraguay is not like any other country. You cannot judge it the way you judge other places. But in its rustic scene it seems to be still blessed with a bit of the ‘original truth.’

“It is a colorful land you have to enjoy just as it is, in its simple, innocent way, with its warm weather, sudden violent storms, and generous people. Everything has a reason to be as it is here, and you cannot push without breaking the coherence that maintains things.

“I am happy to live here, though I travel often. Back at home for the moment, where crickets, frogs, and the breeze on the pine trees are the murmur in the night. A relaxed beer on the veranda is so appreciated…”
–Isabel A., Paraguay

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