Attorney And Real Estate Resources In Portugal

“Kathleen, I’ve just read your to-the-point Panama-Portugal comparison. I am glad to hear that you invested in Lagos. I do not know this part of Europe, but I like your analysis. I also would like to purchase something worth US$100K to US$150K for my retirement, and I am astonished how quick you made decision and found necessary support. Could you share with me your real estate and attorney names? I plan to visit Portugal this fall.”

–Walt S., United States

You can reach our attorney in Portugal here and our property agent here.

You can access all of the discussions and recommendations from both of these advisors as well as 25 others who presented during last week’s Live and Invest in Portugal Conference here.


“Kathleen, I wish your books and reports would be in hardcover. I much prefer reading a book than to sit and stare at a computer. I am so interested in Portugal vs. Panama. Either country sounds great for me to retire in.

“Thank you for your analysis. I do enjoy reading about these places and am dreaming to get there. More specific information about buying or renting property would be appreciated.

“Thank you, Kathleen.”

–Renee C., United States

I’ve written two books that have been published in print, one on retiring overseas, the other on buying or renting property overseas.

Hope they’re helpful!

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