Avoiding Retirement Boredom


“Kathleen, just a note to assure you that not all of us seek the cultural lifestyle that Andy D. has become accustomed to.

“We’ve done our time and these retirement areas you write about are exactly what we seek after 30 years of a grinding, exhausting career.

“I think Andy confuses simplicity and quiet with boredom. Low-density living instead of face-to-butt commutes every day and everywhere.

“And the low cost of living permits us fortunate enough to live well and travel more extensively to other locales.

“Boredom is generally self-inflicted.”

–Robert J., United States


Doña Kathleen, your comments on Nicaragua are pretty much spot on. The Ortega government appreciates the positive effects of business, there is a growing middle class (many of whom spent the 80s in the United States), and the infrastructure is solid, especially roads and public transportation. It’s safe and the people are gringo-friendly. I have lived here 20 years and wouldn’t trade the life for a Malibu mansion.”

–Fred B., Nicaragua

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