Banking In Belize

“I’ve been receiving your e-letters for a wile now. And, I’ll tell you, having living for six years in Panama, Volcan, specifically, we want to return there. We are Spanish from Mallorca, and, yes, Mallorca, where we are now, is a beautiful island, but the life here is so expensive, we can’t afford it.

“But my question has to do with something I saw in your e-letter about two month a go, in relation to the banks in Belize. I have some money that I would like to transfer to a new jurisdiction. I’m thinking Belize, but I don’t know who to contact. Can you help me on that?”

— Maria C., Mallorca

Our preferred bank in Belize is Caye Bank. You can open an account with less than US$500, and you don’t need to be physically present in the country to do so.


“Too bad you didn’t bother to mention how Christians are treated in Malaysia.

“Apparently you aren’t interested in the concerns of Christians as potential customers. I never see this issue addressed in your descriptions of places.”

— David B., United States

Asia Correspondent Wendy Justice replies:

“Malaysia is home to many Christians, who enjoy full expression of their faith. The country has a sizable Christian minority, and all cities and most smaller towns have Christian churches of several denominations. Christmas and Good Friday are recognized as national holidays.

“Any country as diverse as Malaysia is going to face some cultural challenges. The Malaysian government puts a great deal of emphasis on promoting harmony among all Malaysians, regardless of religious beliefs.

“Within less than a mile from my neighborhood when I was living in Kuala Lumpur, there were Lutheran, Methodist, and Catholic churches, all very well attended on Sundays. In this same area, there were also two mosques, several Hindu temples, a Daoist temple, and a large Buddhist temple…”

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