Banking In France

“Kathleen, firstly I just wanted to say I love your newsletter. It’s part of my daily routine. I read each day over my morning coffee.

“Also I want to offer just a little info regarding the bank account situation in France. When we moved there from the UK, we were advised to use the post office as our bank, because they are much easier to work with. We had no problem opening the account (of course there was tons of paperwork, but that’s France). We did not need an introduction letter (or at least not then, 11 years ago), and there is a post office in virtually every village, which makes life easy. In fact our post office/bank was on our own street in our village.

“Hope this helps someone who may be trying move to France.”

–Susan B., Mexico


“Kathleen, regarding residency requirement for Belize of US$2,000 monthly income or US$24,000 per year. Can you clarify if this amount applies for a couple or for an individual? If for individual, is there a required amount for a couple wishing to qualify together?”

–Robert C., Canada

The US$2,000 per month/US$24,000 per year requirement is per couple.


“Kathleen and Lief, my husband and I are formulating our plans to relocate, probably to Belize, at least to start. There are many pieces to put in place first, but I must say that your drip approach is helping propel us forward. Your (almost) daily letters seem inevitably to contain a thought or an idea that addresses yet another of our many apprehensions in this rather large step.

“So keep dripping!

“The programming (read that brainwashing) we get Stateside is reflected in the comments I get from friends when I tell them of the many delightful possibilities outside of these borders. ‘Oh, it’s so dangerous there…I can’t speak Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, whatever…But we have teenagers…We could never find another house like this, friends like these…Oh but isn’t it expensive?…But we have the best doctors here in the U.S.”…etc.

“Your letters continue to open our minds and dispel our doubts.

“Thank you. We’ll let you know when we make the move.”

–Sheila N., United States

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