Beachfront In Panama

“Your blatant conflict of interest is too much to tolerate anymore. Muddy beaches outside Panama City? Have you been to Santa Clara lately? And the fact than your husband is flogging a development in Panama on the Azuero Peninsula makes your advice not only suspect but bordering on fraudulent. Shame on you.”

— Rob B., United States

Yes, indeed, as I point out as often as possible, Lief Simon (my husband) and his partners are developing beachfront property on the west coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula.

I make this formal disclosure, in case there’s been any confusion on this point: Lief is developing a private residential community on the Azuero Sunset Coast called Los Islotes. We intend to build a beach home of our own here, so we can spend time among the like-minded friends who are joining us to create this community on what I’d say qualifies as one of the most dramatically beautiful stretches of coastline you’ll find anywhere in the world.

I say that not because my husband has invested here. That simple fact, though, explains why Lief bought here two years ago as opposed to anywhere else in the world…when, indeed, he could have bought anywhere…

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