Belize And Skype

“Kathleen, quick heads up. BTL, the Belize phone company, no longer blocks Skype. Since Smart introduced their WiFi/mobile hot spots, which allowed Skype, the competition must have forced BTL’s hand.

“The path of progress moves on island time, but we eventually get there.”

–Phil Hahn, Belize Correspondent


“Kathleen, I thought we should let readers know that this month’s edition of the Overseas Retirement Letter, by Southeast Asia Correspondents Wendy and David Justice, features expat-friendly Phuket Island off the southern shores of Thailand.

“An important and essential part of the ORL is the delivery of up-to-date cost-of-living information, providing subscribers with a complete budget for living in the featured destination. We cover the cost of rentals, homeowner fees, utilities, food, gas, and entertainment. And we give costs in the local currency rather than in U.S. dollars, because exchange rates fluctuate.

“Unfortunately, this month Wendy and I got our lines crossed, and we published an inaccurate version of her budget for Phuket. Under ‘Settling In’ the following information was published: ‘A budget for a couple renting a one-bedroom apartment is about US$1,000; for a two-bedroom apartment monthly costs rise to close to US$1,600.’

“It should have read: A budget for a couple renting a one- or two-bedroom apartment in Kathu would be 33,617 baht; in Patong that same budget would be 50,138 baht.

“My apologies to ORL subscribers and ORC members for any confusion caused by our mixed-up currency conversions.

“Meantime, if warm tropical seas, sandy beaches, scuba diving, golf courses, beautiful scenery, and a low cost of living are what you are looking for in retirement, I encourage you to take a look at this month’s colorful edition of the Overseas Retirement Letter.”

–Lucy Culpepper, Managing Editor, Overseas Retirement Letter

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