Belize Circle Membership Helps With Retirement And Relocation In Belize

“Kathleen, first of all, I want to say hi to your daughter who I met at your conference in San Antonio, Texas. I purchased a couple of items from her Trader Jack’s Bazaar table of international goodies for my mom and sister. Anyway, they love the items!

“I’m mostly writing, though, to thank your Customer Service team for sorting out my Belize Circle membership. I got in touch to express my sadness about not being a Belize Circle member anymore because I entered my username and password, and it said it did not recognize those two entries (or something like that).

“Then I realized the problem: I had changed my e-mail address. Now that I’ve explained this, everything is in hand.

“It was important to me to get this sorted out because I’m moving to Belize within the next few weeks. Gulp!

“Maybe we’ll say ‘Hi!’ again down there someday!”

–Dave C., United States (on my way to Belize)

Congratulations on your move. We’re standing by to help any way we can and to hear all your tales of adventure as you establish your new life.

Remember, as a Belize Circle Member, you and a guest are invited to join us for our next Belize conference free.

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