Belize/Mexico Border-Crossing Services

Belize/Mexico Border-Crossing Services

“Friends are getting married south of Cancun in January 2010. They want to honeymoon in Belize but it seems they’d have to fly via the United States. What other options do they have? Do you know of drivers or resorts that coordinate land travel from Mexico to Belize?”

— Spencer S., United States

Belize Correspondent Ann Kuffner replies:

“Many expats living in Belize hop the border to Chetumal, then take an express bus (US$25) to Cancun, to take advantage of the many discount airlines offering flights from Cancun to the States.

“As a result, yes, there are services that will take you back and forth from the Chetumal bus station into Corozol, in northern Belize.

“There is also now a bus that runs between Belize City and Chetumal.

“IDO is the best-known high-end bus company operating in Belize. Opt for the most expensive bus, for a comfortable, air-conditioned ride with movies and reclining seats. The cheaper buses take longer and can stop many times.

“The bus ride between Chetumal and Cancun is about five hours. The buses run every one to two hours. Some run at night, so you can sleep while you travel.

“One reliable service for trips across the Belize/Mexico border is Belize VIP Transfer Services,

“If you happen to start your journey from Ambergris Caye, where I live, you can fly from San Pedro to Corozol and have the service pick you up at the airport there. I have done this many times, and the connections and pick-ups have gone off without a hitch.

“The only issue is that the Mexican cabbies do not like the Belizean transfer services taking their fares. They want to take you to the border themselves, but for a higher price, then drop you off to pick up a Belizean cab on the other side. For this reason, the transfer services from Belize now direct you to take a local Mexican taxi to a nearby restaurant, where the Belizean service can pick you up discreetly. This saves you a considerable amount on taxi fare. The Belizean services are reasonably priced.

“I usually take the service to Chetumal and then take an express bus to Playa del Carmen to spend a day or two there. Playa is a great little town, a nice place to hang out in for a day or two, with restaurants and shops and lovely beaches. Then I head to Cancun for my flight to the States. It makes for it a very pleasant trip overall.”

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