Best Beaches In Panama

“Kathleen, recently you wrote: ‘For my money, a beach should be dramatic, with cliffs, coves, crashing surf, and rolling hills all around. I know where to find that kind of beach in Panama…but have yet to encounter it in Ecuador.’

“Where in Panama would I find beaches like that?

“Where are there less mosquitos?”

–Robert C., United States

Along the western coast of the Azuero Peninsula. These Pacific coast beaches are some of the most dramatically beautiful I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

Fewer mosquitos? They’re a fact of life at any beach. Generally speaking, though, the Pacific coast of this country is less buggy than the Caribbean.

Kathleen, how can I find out if a particular company name is already registered in Panama?”

–Jorge F., United States

Your attorney checks the registry.

Or you could do it yourself, though you might not be 100% certain of the results.


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