Best Budget-Priced Hotels In Panama City

“Kathleen, I just signed up for membership to Live and Invest Overseas, saw your offer for your 52 Day course, and signed on for it, too. It happens I also decided on-the-spot to visit and see the Panama Canal, Oct. 24 through 28.

“I know I have yet to read all your material but consider this a sightseeing trip. I am 62-years-old, retired, and have been considering moving to Panama for a long time, for the experience.

“Can you recommend a reasonable hotel or how to get from the airport to hotel? I’m planning on a quiet stay, as I will be on my own. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.”

–Gerald J., United States

Panama City-based Customer Service Director Karen Moseley responds:

“I recommend the Hotel Milan if you’re looking for someplace in a good location but budget-priced. I have had my 83-year-old mother stay here in the past, and she was very pleased. It is comfortable and secure and reasonably priced.

“The Courtyard by Marriott is attached to one of the nicest malls in Panama City and I have heard from many readers that this is a nice, reasonably priced place to stay, too.

“For transport from the airport to downtown many people have begun using Uber. It is safe, easy, and reliable.

“Have a great trip and enjoy Panama!”


“Alright, Kathleen, you’ve got my attention on Panama with this new jobs and residency policy. How does someone know where to look?”

–Scot C., United States

The best places to launch a job search in Panama are and

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