Best Coastal Retirement Spots In Ecuador, Nicaragua, And Mexico

“Kathleen, I am going through a rough time financially. After earning over six figures, I lost my job. I am starting again. And I will make it. Your updates and info encourage me to keep dreaming. And eventually to settle down overseas.

“Thank you.”

–Chris Y., United States


“Kathleen and Team, my husband John and I will be making the move to retire overseas probably within a year or so. We met Kathleen and Lief last year at the conference in Nashville and have joined the All Access Pass. We have a ton of questions, and I’m not sure where to go for answers, so hopefully this is a good place to start.

“John and I would like to retire along the Pacific where costs are very reasonable, so our nest egg will naturally go further. We have been thinking about Nicaragua and Ecuador based on our readings and research from Overseas Retirement Letter, Lee Harrison, and others. We are planning a trip in March to Nicaragua and possibly Ecuador in September. We both work and have limited time to explore both of these countries with the time necessary to make a good decision on our future. So we are hoping that you can direct us to the locations that may work for us.

“The Internet is loaded with beautiful homes and condos, for instance in Manta, Ecuador, and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, but we are not sure if those locations will fit our needs. We like to explore and travel, so we are up for most things.

“Our requirements are:

1: Close to the Pacific. Ocean views would be nice.
2: Near a good hospital, within an hour’s drive.
3: Near local restaurants, markets, shopping. When I say local restaurants I’m thinking more like the Outer Banks of North Carolina versus Miami. We want a local feel, not a big-city feel.

“We have found some nice towns, but they are either far from a hospital or far from local communities. We just need to find a place that has both plus is close to the ocean. If any towns come to mind that fit this, please let me know so we can start narrowing our search. After spending hours upon hours on the Internet looking at areas only to find they don’t fit our needs, I’m starting to wear out. Once we have some possibilities, we can get our boots on the ground for more research.

“Thanks so much for your expertise and help.”

–Carole W., United States

In Nicaragua, the beach areas near Managua are probably the best bet for coastal living close to amenities, including a good hospital within an hour’s drive. One specific community that could be of interest here is Gran Pacifica.

In Ecuador, Manta is probably the best option, given your criteria.

Outside those two countries, we would suggest Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which is a bit more expensive but has everything you’re looking for.

Good luck with your search.

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