Best English-Speaking Retire-Overseas Options

“Kathleen, I’m writing from Cuenca where I’m visiting with my 19-year-old son and we’re about halfway through a six-month visit. My decision to come here and check it out as a possible retirement spot was based in large part on the information in country reports from Live and Invest Overseas.

“Two questions:

“Does the cost of living information get updated in the country report archives? Due to the recession many economies are volatile and changing and some of that volatility will result in lower cost of living, some higher.

“Also, and this may be a silly question considering your focus is living and investing overseas, would you consider looking into U.S. locations for retirement and/or more English-speaking options?”

–Nancy M., United States, on Facebook

Our country budgets are updated at least once a year, more often in cases where the country is experiencing high inflation, etc. As we make our way toward the start of a new year, our editorial team is right now at work updating budgets and relevant pages on the website.

U.S. retirement locations isn’t our beat, but you have good English-speaking retire-overseas options, including Panama City, Coronado, and Boquete, Panama; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; anywhere in Belize; anywhere in Ireland; and Georgetown and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (all of which receive A ratings in the “English Spoken” category of our 2013 Retire Overseas Index).

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