Best Health Care In Latin America

“Kathleen, thank you for all your remarkable work!

“Since my most important concern is health care, that’s how I need to start my search, I think.

“In your experience, what are the top three places in Central/South America for excellent health care, including any kind of heart surgery, for example?”

–Marilyn M., United States

Panama, Colombia, and Uruguay.


“Kathleen, do you know how long it takes, from the time you apply for the Pensionado Visa in Panama and are issued a Carnet de Tramite, until you get an answer as to whether your visa has been approved or not?

“The lawyer who is handling my case is very vague about that. All I get as an answer, ‘When it comes out, I will let you know.”

“It”s been now five months and so far no news.”

–Danuta B., United States

The truth is, it can take a while. We know people who have waited more than a year to receive their final visa approval. Immigration is very backlogged right now.

Note, though, that you can live in Panama while you await your final approval. We don”t know of anyone who hasn”t been approved as long as they qualify”and you should know whether or not you qualify before you make your application. So the risk of moving here before you get final approval is low.

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