Best Of Both Worlds Near Panama’s Pacific Coast

“Kathleen, I read a recent article from you about your celebration with a couple who had just received their new Panama residency visas. The article concluded with the husband commenting how he loved the highlands and the wife saying that she loves the Pacific coast. Please forgive my forwardness but I may have a solution to their future residency requirements.

“I purchased a lot in Panama in 2008, but my personal retirement goals have since changed from living in Panama to residing in Nicaragua. My lot is fully titled and located in the gated community of Altos del Maria in the central highlands near Sora and less than 20 kilometers from Coronado.

“The lot is well-terraced, offers great views, and has many trees (including a mature mango tree). Furthermore, is has the benefits of the coolness of the highlands (the ancient ‘crater’ at Altos del Maria funnels the cool sea breeze up into the development), plus closeness to the coast (Coronado has become a top destination for expats in Panama). I invite them to visit the lot if they wish to inspect this area. They will not be disappointed.”

–Max K., United States

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