Best Place To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary In Belize

“Kathleen, my husband and I are considering our first trip to Belize in November for our 30th wedding anniversary. Thinking an eight-day stay to check out the area. Any suggestions on where to rent or stay?”

–Carole L., United States

One of my top recommendations anywhere in the world for where to spend a special wedding anniversary would be Chaa Creek Lodge in Belize’s Cayo District. Private and five-star, Chaa Creek is like an oasis in the jungle.


“Kathleen, we attended your Live and Invest in Belize Conference last week stayed an extra five days to see San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. We were glad to visit in June instead of over the winter so we could see Belize when she is not at her best. We figured if we liked it during marginal weather we would love it during the good weather.

“First of all we would like to say there is no substitute for attending a conference and we highly recommend attending more than one. We are looking forward to your coming conferences in Colombia and Ecuador.

“The conference was a great way to reinforce many ideas we had on Belize, but it also changed many as well. Be sure to pick the brains of the speakers who are presenting but also seek out other attendees. Many of them have visited before and will share their experiences with you.

“Belize City is a dump for sure. We will not spend any more time there than we have to. Harsh but accurate.

“The people of Belize, natives and expats, are some of the friendliest and most helpful people we have met in all of our travels. Whether they are bar/wait staff, airline personnel, or just some of the many people we met in San Pedro, they were all friendly, helpful, and always at ease. Belize seems to have that ‘ease’ all over. I think they should change the name to ‘Belease.’

“We knew what the temps would be in San Pedro; they hardly vary all year, and no one there seems to care about the temperature. They never talk about it. The weatherman must be bored. We were surprised by the humidity and the wind. Apparently it was more humid due to the start of hurricane season, but the wind really makes the difference. It blows at 20 to 25 miles all the time so it cools you nicely and dries any moisture quickly. But it also means you can’t play cards on the patio! We had sunglasses get blown across the deck.

“Overall we had a great, informative, and fattening time. We ate new foods, loved the Belikin beer, got invited to a wedding, and met some outstanding people. San Pedro does have an opportunity for you. You just have to go get it!”

–Darren and Wendy H., United States

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