Best Place To Invest In An Apartment In Paris

“Kathleen, love your constant updates. I will be seeing you guys at your conference in Belize in January, and I am very excited!

“I believe in having coaches that I can model and learn from so I can avoid a lot of headaches and mistakes, and you guys are the best from what I can see when it comes to overseas living and investing. I am so grateful I found you guys. You give awesome value to your readers.

“One comment from you recently really stood out to me because, although as humans we need certainty, God had a great sense of humor and also decided we need variety. That’s what I thought of when I read this from you:

“’But we also like growth, productivity, and the unexpected. In Paris, we expect the city to be beautiful and life to be pleasant, and we’re never disappointed. In Panama, we never know what to expect. We like that, too.’

“See you in Belize!”

–Andre L., United States


“Kathleen, as a bicultural, Franco-British citizen who has lived all over the world (UK, United States, Asia, Middle East, and now France), I’ve been following your editorial for years now and have been admiring from afar how you’ve grown it into fully fledged, blossoming business.

“I currently live in Toulouse but visit Paris frequently as my daughter is studying there. It so happens that the small flat next-door to the studio she is renting is for sale and could possibly make an excellent European base for your company. The agency handling the sale is called Ad Valorem. The flat is at 5 ave. Franklin Roosevelt, an impeccably maintained building, on the seventh floor (lift), with views onto the Pont des Invalides, the river, the Grand Palais, and Notre Dame and Montmartre farther afield. That’s all the info I have, but it might be worth your taking a look at it.

“If you’re looking for someone to be your European correspondent, I would love to apply!

“Good luck with your flat hunting in Paris.”

–Dinah M., France

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