Best Place To Invest In Italy

Hello Kathleen, I have been a reader of Live and Invest Overseas for some time now. I am a retired English teacher living in Surprise, Arizona. I am also a real estate investor…owner of 12 properties in Florida, Arizona, and Nevada.

“I just recently had the opportunity to travel in Italy and totally fell in love with the country. I believe that I want to invest in real estate in Abruzzo or another city close to Rome. I have been in touch with a local realtor and have previewed online some of her listings. Any help you could give me in this area would be greatly appreciated.”

–Donna B., United States

Our go-to agent in the Abruzzo, Italy, region is Nikki di Girolamo.

Here are links to past resources we’ve published to help you learn more about this undiscovered region of Italy that offers the best of Tuscany without the price tags:

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