Best Places To Buy Real Estate In Italy

“Kathleen, I am a real estate investor in the United States. I own 12 properties in Florida, Arizona, and Nevada. I will be selling two Arizona properties this fall and am interested in investing internationally. I am in the stage of research and explore at the time. I am leaning toward wanting to invest in Italy after two visits in the past year. If you are knowledgeable about the area around central Italy, where would you recommend I concentrate on looking? Will have about US$250,000 to invest. Thank you for your reply.”

–Donna B., United States

Lee Harrison, editor of our Overseas Property Alert, replies:

My first rule of international property investing is to focus your interest on places where you’d love to be…and in properties that you’d enjoy owning. In other words, it sounds like you’re on the right track.

I haven’t been to Italy personally for a while, but my colleagues who have tell me that the Abruzzo region is a good choice for a high quality of life and prices that are undervalued when compared with other more discovered Italian markets. I’d suggest that you check with expat Nikki di Girolamo, founder of House Around Italy.

Nikki is our go-to source for Italian real estate. She’ll be joining us in Nashville for this year’s Retire Overseas Conference if you’d like to meet and speak with her in person.

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