Best Route For Driving From The United States To Belize

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“I am sure this has been addressed in the past, but I am wondering about what is currently the safest and most hassle-free route to drive from Texas or Arizona to Belize?”

–Ralph P., United States

A ferry service from Tampa, Florida, to Merida, Mexico, has been on the drawing board for years. The latest projected launch date for this service is October 2014. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but that would be the safest way to drive from Texas (or Arizona) to Belize.

That could work out to be an extended route (I haven’t compared mileage between the two options), but it would keep you from driving through what has become a dangerous part of Mexico (Monterrey and Veracruz).

A friend from Belize who is in the logistics business and who drives from Belize to the United States and back a couple of times a year recommends against driving down with a moving truck full of household goods. You’d be an easy target.

Certainly, if you don’t speak Spanish, I’d wait for the ferry…if it ever comes.

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