Best Swimming Beaches In Panama

“Kathleen, I so much appreciate your publications and all of the exciting information about possibilities to move abroad. I am just starting on my adventure. I have two questions for you at this time.

“First, does Panama have really nice swimming beaches? I hear about all the surfing, kite boarding, fishing, and beautiful to look at beaches. What I am looking for is a beach with flat, warm, calm, clear water for good and safe swimming. Does this exist and, if so, where? This would be my preferred place to live.

“Second, can you refer me to someone who can give me a real estate tour? I am interested in seeing beaches and also the Boquete area. I am making my first trip to Panama in November and have only eight days to see as much as possible. I am on a very tight budget.”

–Laura G., United States

First, yes, Panama has many great swimming beaches, in many different areas, from the City Beaches to the Azuero Peninsula, from Bocas del Toro to offshore the Pearl Islands. Many great options.


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