Best Tropical Beach Choices With Children

“Kathleen, I live in Hout Bay, a beautiful seaside village in Cape Town, South Africa. We have a beautiful house with an uninterrupted view over the sea and two children ages 12 and 13. English is our home language. My husband has an adventure company in Cape Town.

“I don’t know, however, how long this idyllic lifestyle will last. Crime is spiraling out of control, our government has gone mad, and our economy and currency are plummeting. I want Plan B in place and would love your personal, off-the-record opinion on best value, most lovely tropical beach or adventure destination.”

–Alison B., South Africa

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, could be a good choice for you… or perhaps the City Beaches area of Panama. Both offer tropical beach adventure plus good international schooling options.

This is the kind of thinking and dot-connecting we’ll do together in person over the four days of this year’s Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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