Boating And Marinas In Belize

“Kathleen, are there any marinas for 65-foot yachts in Belize?”

–Palmer L., United States

Cucumber Beach at Old Belize, at Mile 5 on the Western Highway, could just about accommodate a 65-footer, as could the marina at the Radisson Fort George and the Yacht Club on San Pedro.

The port at Big Creek (five minutes from Placencia) in Independence could take a boat that size, as could the Belize City commercial port.

Old Belize is a more appealing option for mooring a boat than ever thanks to the new road from the Northern Highway to the Western Highway, making Old Belize more convenient to the international airport as well as for provisioning a boat.

One issue to keep in mind is the draft of the boat. Inside the reef is shallow, meaning many places where a boat with a big draft can’t get.

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