Budgeting For Retirement Overseas

“Kathleen, I would like to move overseas to Belize or France. I live in Virginia near Washington, D.C. I have had a desire to live abroad for a very long time. My last child will be in college in three years. My daughter is studying French in school. I want to make the move at that time. My husband is not interested in living overseas, but I am pushing ahead.

“I will be retiring soon from the government with a US$4,000 a month pension. I have no money saved and will not be able to save based on our current financial situation. I want financial freedom from the high cost of living in the D.C. area and a new adventure.

“How do I start to plan for my overseas move? How do I move with just my monthly pension?”

–Rhonda L., United States

US$4,000 a month is a big pension, enough to live in France comfortably–at least right now. One thing you have to remember is the U.S. dollar-euro exchange rate.

As you are looking at a three-year window to pulling the trigger on your plan, I’d suggest you start now with my 52 Day course. This will give you all the background you need and walk you through the thinking, the planning, the preparations, and the set-up for a successful move overseas, step by step, day by day.

Then you should try to visit parts of France where you think you might be interested in living. Find out if you enjoy being there.


“Kathleen, I don’t want you to reveal any of your secrets that are for purchase. I just want to ask a question, and a yes or no answer is fine. At this time, I can’t afford to spend any money for your kits or seminars that I would love to go to. I just want to ask a question.

“I have US$3,000 a month in retirement. Will this be enough to live comfortably in Belize or Costa Rica on 15 to 20 acres of land? I will have US$75,000 to go toward a purchase of property.”

–Kyle E., United States

Yes…and yes. You could live in either of those countries on the budget you suggest. And, yes…and yes. You could also a piece of land in either of those countries for US$75,000.

In Belize, for example, you could buy a 4-acre lot with services for US$75,000 in Maya Spring Estate in the Cayo, and you might be able to buy a raw piece of land that is closer to the 15 acres you have in mind for US$75,000 a little farther removed from “civilization.”

In Costa Rica, you’d have to limit your search to more out-of-the-way places, and 15 to 20 acres might be a stretch. However, I’m sure you could find something within your budget.

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