Budgeting Your Retirement Overseas

Kathleen, I really enjoyed your recent budget tips…very helpful.”

–Jack F., United States


“Kathleen, over the past three weeks I have just started my research pertaining to living and retiring overseas. I am on your 52 Day program right now (on Day 9 at present).

“I am interested in attending a ‘big conference’ on retiring overseas as soon as possible. I’ve seen on your website that your next big event is planned for October. Do you have any plans to do anything sooner than that?

“By the way, I spoke long distance for some time with Joel Nagel yesterday and may well be working with him on tax and residency matters. Found him to be most impressive.

“Just know, your leadership is laying a path that is thus far very, very easy to follow. Lead on!

“P.S. Your 52 Day program is really terrific. So well thought out. Making everything a lot easier!”

–Bill N., United States

Yes, our next “big” event isn’t scheduled until next October. Right now, that seems a long way away.

I’m just back in the office today following our holidays travels. I’ll take up this question with our conference team this week. Perhaps we could/should add another multi-country U.S. event sooner. You’re not the only one who’s been asking about this!

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