Business Investment Visa In Holland

“Kathleen, I saw somewhere—I think in your Live and Invest information—that Holland offers a two-year visa to entrepreneurs bringing business to their country. But now I cannot find it. Any idea about this? Thank you.”

–Nan S., Overseas Retirement Circle Member

You are correct. You can get residency in Holland if you set up a business, no specific investment amount required. 

“Kathleen, this is for Lee Harrison, whose new real estate e-letter you’re publishing. I’ve just signed up.

“Lee, I remain one of your big fans since we first met at a conference. I have been to Cali twice, including a six-week stay in Granada, and I have spent time not only in Cali but also Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Medellin (my favorite).

“Cali is a dirty city heavily polluted by the contiguous industrial city of Yumbo. With my allergies Cali was truly a nightmare for me, and I will never return.

“Hope to see you sometime in Panama City. I’m there now working with Rainelda Mata-Kelly to acquire residency. Just got temporary residency status and am in the process of completing the process this year. It’s time to escape America before it’s too late.

Buena suerte.”

–Jim B., Panama

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